Our Pricing

We offer extremely customizable Mumble plans.

Some of our Features

Below are some of our features that we provide to all of our clients on Zunded.

Fast Connection Speeds

All of Zunded's servers have high capacity network connections to allow your sites to be accessed quickly.

Upgrading / Expansion

You can upgrade your plan with us at anytime of the day, to whichever plan you'd like within a couple of seconds.

Stable Databases

The databases we provide with all of our shared hosting are secured, optimized and ran on phpMyAdmin for a great experience.

99% Uptime

We have 99% uptime other than planned maintenance on our servers for our clients. This means your website will always be online.

Quick Support

We respond to tickets within 24 hours of you sending them. We also provide a live chat and a phone number for extra assistance.

High Security

We keep your data safe at our datacenters with access only via ID card, alarm systems, security service on duty and more than 50 cameras.

Customer's Feedback

Here are several happy reviews from our clients on TrustPilot.com

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Here are some common questions about Zunded

We have pooled a couple of common questions about Zunded.

Bandwidth is the amount of data transmitted from your website to the user accessing it.

If you are running a small website you wouldn't need much, but if you are a big website you'd need a lot more.

You do not have to worry though, as all of our plans come with unlimited bandwidth.

SSL is short form for Secure Socket Layer.

Secure Socket Layer's (SSL) are used to encrypt traffic from your site to the end user and vise versa. This means it will be almost impossible for someone to hijack your connection.

All of our plans come with free SSL Certificates included.

Shared hosting or shared web hosting is when multiple websites are being hosted on the same server.

Your website will be hosted alongside other users websites. But do not worry, all websites have their own resources that they can not go over.

We try to keep your data as safe as possible from hackers by using aformentioned SSL certificates and encryption.

Make sure the accounts associated with your website or Zunded have a strong password.